Sellin You Short

We are a Ska/Electro/Reggae/Rock/Punk band from Cleveland, Ohio. We have played a bunch of shows with a bunch of cool bands and our music has grown since we started in 2007/2008. Check out our music, you might like it, you might not. We're kind of different and don't fit in, but we like it that way. We are currently working on recording our first CD and are putting a lot of work into making it something we are proud of.

New Demo on Soundcloud

Let us know what you think! (we still have to add sax, trumpet and some bass, but its a start!

Big D!

Hellow all, 

We are currently still recording our CD (yes it is taking forever)… BUT it does sound pretty nice. Its going to be 11 songs or so. Drums and guitars are done for the most part. We’re currently working on the synth, keys and sax. Maybe we’ll put up a little demo for ya to hear soon. Hopefully the CD will be done at some point in time.

On a side note, we are playing with Big D and the Kids Table again, at the Grog Shop. The Have Nots from Boston are also playing. So check them out ( The previous two Big D shows at Grog were awesome, and this one will be as well. We have tickets so get em while they’re hot. 

See ya soon,



We are going to start recording this summer to finally release a well-done full length CD. excited.

Sellin You Short

—It's Like Batman... But Different

It’s Like Batman… But Different

Sellin You Short

—Cirque Du So 'Hey

Cirque Du So ‘Hey

Sellin You Short

—Hwoo Stoul Mei Khohcqhohnaught!?!

Hwoo Stoul Mei Khohcqhohnaught!?!